Admissions Requirements and Procedures

A prospective student applying for any program at Mountain State School of Massage must:

1. Submit an application for admission;

2. Submit a non refundable application fee of $25.00;

3. Submit a copy of drivers license or personal identification card;

4. Submit a typed or neatly written brief biographical sketch explaining your motivation for training in massage therapy and your philosophy of health care;

5. Submit one of the following: High School Transcripts showing graduation date, High School Diploma, or G.E.D. Certificate including scores.

6. Submit one recommendation letter. Must be academic or employer.

Admissions Process
There are no application deadlines however; class sizes are limited and enrollment ends when classes are filled. Prospective students are encouraged to begin the application process as soon as possible.

* Submit your Admissions Application
* A telephone or personal interview with a school administrator is required. A student may be accepted for admission any time prior to the beginning of a new class, providing there is space available.
* Upon acceptance into our program, decide on payment method to secure your place in our program.

To secure your place in our program, we must have one of the following:
* Payment in full and your signed Student Enrollment Agreement, OR
* Confirmation of the completion of your Financial Aid Application and award notice and your signed Student Enrollment Agreement with the Financial Aid Addendum OR
* Mountain State School of Massage (MSSM) Financing Plan and your signed Student Enrollment Agreement with the MSSM Payment Plan Addendum including $1000.00 down payment

*NOTE TO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: If you plan to attend our program directly after you graduate, you are welcome to start the application process early. Please submit your application to us without your High School Diploma and we will begin the enrollment process with you. Once you graduate from HS, you will need to submit a copy of your diploma to complete your Admissions Application and to begin our program.

Statement of Equal Opportunity
It is the policy of Mountain State School of Massage to afford equal opportunity in all aspects of training regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, citizenship, national origin, religion, disability, age or political affiliation.

Students with Special Needs
Mountain State School of Massage will make every reasonable effort to accommodate students with documented special needs (i.e. those with diagnosed learning disabilities, physical limitation, etc.). Those requiring special conditions must communicate their needs to the Executive Director of Mountain State School of Massage or the Student Administrator within the first week of the start of the program.