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Mountain State School of Massage is an inspiring educational opportunity waiting for you! Our benchmarks include a high degree of professionalism, advanced career training and educational diversity. Mountain State School of Massage is the massage therapy school for anyone and everyone interested in body, mind, spirit knowledge and practice. Mountain State School of Massage is proud to be the most long standing COMTA – accredited massage therapy training center in West Virginia.

Mountain State School of Massage offers Day and Night Curriculums providing flexible training hours and financial assistance for qualifying students. Competent, experienced and certified instructors create a supportive and nurturing environment. Consequently, students are guided to integrate massage therapy and other body-based concepts, skills and required knowledge more thoroughly. Unique and individualized programs are developed to meet student needs and ensure proficient practice of the dynamic art of massage therapy.

Mountain State School of Massage is a state-of-the-art certified massage therapy training center. Our mission is dedicated to teaching holistic healing methods, massage professional and general community with the highest degree of professionalism. We are a dedicated professional massage therapy team promoting health, balance and well being. By focusing on massage therapy and other body-based techniques as a state of mind, body and spirit, MSSM is the ideal accredited training center. As the leading area provider of quality body-based education, our students have endless successful employment opportunities and career advancements.